Aiming towards Cyber Crime Free Society by Spreading Awareness

Cyber Awareness and knowledge are the two key to counter all Cyber Crimes. CyberNGO's aim is to move towards Cyber Crime Free Society by Spreading Awareness.

CyberNGO helps Cyber Crime Victims to get right assistance and legal help

Our highly skilled volunteers helps Cyber Crime Victims with right legal help. Our Volunteer's advise helps and makes work easy for both Government agencies and Cyber Crime Victim.

Keeping People aware about Global Cyber Threats and Advanced Cyber Scams

CyberNGO keeps Hawk eye on Global Cyber Threats and newly observed Cyber Scam Patterns. The same is being broadcasted over Social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep user up-to-date.

Consulting Cyber Crime Victims

Our highly technical Cyber Volunteers help Cyber Crime victims by consulting them and making them aware about Cyber Misery happened to an individual and guide them on next steps to get Cyber Justice. Our volunteers help victims by utilizing their years of experience with various law-enforcement agencies.

Spreading Cyber Awareness

CyberNGO keeps Hawkeye over Global Cyber Threats and newly observed Global Cyber Scam patterns across the world. CyberNGO frequently updates readers with Cyber Precaution Guidelines (CPG) to counter against these Cyber Threats by posting over various Social Media platforms. Follow us to be Cyber Smart.

Link Victims with Law Agencies

Most of the Cyber victims have common questions like, Where to go for registering Cyber Crime complaint?, What should be included in the incident report?, How to proceed with legal aspects? etc. Our volunteers' years of law-enforcement experience helps Cyber Crime victims to get the right Cyber Aid since CyberNGO helps victims by answering all the queries.


CyberNGO is an organisation with the aim of helping into Global Cyber Welfare by spreading Cyber Awareness and helping Cyber Crime victims to get the Cyber Justice. CyberNGO's volunteers helps Cyber Victims in getting right law-enforcement aid by utilising and suggesting based on their years of work experience with various law agencies

Our Social Media feeds helps individuals to be "Cyber Smart" to counter against Global Cyber Threats and Cyber Scams. We frequently post Cyber Precaution Guidelines (CPG) over our Social Media platform handlers like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow us to stay "Cyber Smart" all the time.

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Success Stories

CyberNGO has helped me to get justice when I was a victim of vishing scams. I was tricked by hackers to reveal my banking details which led to financial theft. I am grateful to CyberNGO.

- Adity Patel

As the world is advancing in Technology, someone has to come out and help people to be Safe for Cyber Activities. Great work CyberNGO. You are like a ray of light in the Darkness.

- Brijesh Shah

CyberNGO helped me to resolve a Cyber Fraud case which I was struggling with. CyberNGO has been really helpful for me. I follow there feed/post and it really helps me to be safe and Aware of Cyber Frauds.

- Anonymous

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