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Technology and Cyber-Crime

Technology has always been fascinating people around the world. In this growing world, technology has helped the human race which many advancements to achieve different goals. It has helped to ease the day to day hassles which we face in our routine lifestyle. Whether it's our workplace or our home, technology has always been proven helpful in many different manners to us.

But as we say there are always two sides of a coin, same way there are two sides of technology. We have always heard a "Technology: BOON or BANE" in many debate topics. Yes, it's right that technology has its bad impacts but with this growing world, every technology which we have has its own merits (Benefits) and demerits (Detriment).

This brings fear to our mind with a Question that if technology can have its adverse impact on the human race then what's the use of such technology? Yes, the question is right but if we observe than everything has its merits and demerits and yet, we use them.

Same way if we are aware of the Merits and Demerits of the technology which we are surrounded by then we will be able to handle and avoid any harmful or adverse impacts of those technologies. We are surrounded by multiple technologies and we always hear regarding the Crimes which are carried out by the misuse of technology.

Crime in this world is not something which we have heard the first time. It's just the mediums of crime has been expanded. Cyber Crime is one of them which is carried out by misuse of the technology. A Crime which involves computer and network and is crafted under Modern technology. Cyber-crimes also consist of different types (covered in a blog - URL ).

Cyber Crimes are mostly operated online or through any channel with a motive to harm or cause mental/physical disturbance intentionally or unintentionally.

We may have heard about the cyber-crime through other people and many of us wonder how such crimes can be avoided or lowered. So the answer to this is Cyber Awareness.

Yes, Cyber Awareness is to make ourselves aware of the misuse of the technology which we are surrounded by, which we use in our daily life. If you are aware of the misuse and safe practices of the information technology which you are surrounded with than it will help you to be safe and avoid any cyber-crime which you may encounter. Cyber awareness helps you to identify the cyber-crime or cyber- attack and one can help society by reporting such attacks.

We as a CyberNGO carry out many cyber-awareness programs to spread awareness regarding the Cyber- crimes and helps people to be safe and keep their valuable information safe.

Also, there are different Cyber awareness and safety instructions and tips available over the internet which help an individual to be aware of Cyber-crime and protect their valuable information.


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