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Cyber Crime

Crime is something which we all are aware of, we have heard about it at many different platforms where news is circulated. Crime is an action or an act which is done or carried out in an illegal way to offence or harm someone or something; that action or an act carried out is identified as punishable by law is known as Crime.

Crime is classified in many different types. Cyber Crime is one of them. Cyber Crime involves computer or internet or communication devices used in our day to day life. It can also comprise of Modern Technology which we are surrounded with.

As day by day, the technology around us is evolving so the cyber-crime is also evolving day by day. Cyber Crime is categorized into different types based on their nature. The types of Cyber-crime which are taking place around us are as follows.

1. Cyber Stalking
2. Spamming
3. Phishing
4. Debit/Credit Card Fraud
5. Online Job Fraud
6. Vishing
8. Cyber Grooming
9. Cyber Bullying
10. Sexting
11. Child Pornography
12. Online Sextortion
13. SIM Swap Scam
14. Impersonation and Identity Theft
15. Ransomware
16. Virus, Worms and Trojan
17. Data Breach
18. Website Defacement
19. Cyber Squatting
20. Denial of Services/ Distributed DOS
21. Cryptojacking
22. Pharming
23. Online Drug Trafficking
24. Espionage

Each Cyber-crime is executed differently to both take advantage and lure the person or to harm one's identity and these crimes are not just limited to an individual but are also targeted to companies or institutions. The purpose behind the crime is different but medium or channel is similar. In this world of growing Technology, Information and privacy have become a very important part of our lives. In most of the Cyber-crimes which are reported, the key factor to reach the victim is the identity information.

Cybercriminals use different platforms to gather information to carry out their crime which includes social networks, emails, websites, pirated software, messaging apps, bogus offers, etc.

According to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), over 53000 cases of Cyber Security Incidents were reported in 2017 in India. Last year in 2018, there were 208456 cases reported and handled by CERT-In. As per Economic Times, in the year 2019, there are approx. 3.13 lakh Cyber Security incident reported in India. The number of the cases reported are of different types of cyber- crimes reported to CERT-In.

In most of the cases based on personal experience, we have observed that many of the cyber-crimes are not reported due to insufficient awareness and social identity fear. We also understand the sentiments of the individual and after understanding and analyzing such incidents we observed that fear of not reporting a cyber-crime incident is due to lack of Cyber awareness. As the victim is not aware of the nature of crime and after the crime is executed they fear of losing or harming their social identity.

Indian Government conducts different campaigns to spread Cyber Awareness. As a CyberNGO, we also conduct different campaigns to spread Cyber Awareness. We also help the victims of Cyber-crime by understanding their issues and help them out with the guidance to solve and report the Cyber-crime.


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