Had a Dream. Developed a Vision. Flourished a Concept. Brought into Existence. No time to wait. CyberNGO! It’s here…


Bhaumik Merchant


Bhaumik Merchant is a Senior Cyber Security Researcher, Digital Forensics Investigator and founder of CyberNGO. He has been working in the Cyber Security domain for more than 12 years and has been an active speaker representing his Cyber Security and Threat research work in various National and International Conferences. Bhaumik voluntary served various state and central agencies of India for more than 10 years in safeguarding Government Cyber Spaces and spreading internal Cyber Awareness. He has witnessed and helped to resolve many cybercrime cases where innocent people become victims of cybercrime/Cyber frauds. He is an active author of many Cyber Security articles and research papers published in various International magazines. CyberNGO is his dream and a platform through which one can help the world fight against cybercrime.

"We as a CyberNGO would like to understand and mentor Cybercrime victims, spread awareness to avoid users being victimized into modern Cyber-traps and guiding victims into getting pertient law-enforcement help for resolving Cyber cases. Spreading awareness is the key for safeguarding individuals from modern Cyber Attacks."

- Bhaumik Merchant